Here’s what clients have said about me…

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"Jake is a very capable young man.
He is a fast learner. A quick study. Very capable writer. Will work with him again, any day of the week."

Francois Fouche - Founder, The iAdvisory November 5, 2015

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"Jake is, without a doubt, one of the best bloggers we have ever worked with. He's got amazing written skills, goes the extra mile to justify the topic and an absolutely thorough professional. Jake is THE guy for quality blog writing."

Syed Naimath - Founder, Plugmatter July 6, 2015

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"Jake is a very talented writer who provides timely, well-researched and well-written content. He’s also great to work with and a true professional! Highly reliable and always good with deadlines. I’d recommend Jake to any business who is looking for a true content writer."

Victoria Arena, Ghost-writing May 26, 2015

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"Jake was fantastic to work with as he asked all the right questions and provided sound advice on the direction of the articles.  He delivered on time and made sure that I was pleased with his work before calling it complete.  Jake is a writer that we'll reach out to again!"

Nichole - Recruiting Manager, Mingle May 22, 2015

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"I was looking for a team of high-quality writers who could pull together engaging content for the new project I was launching. I decided to post an ad on a job board, little did I know I would get 100+ applicants all submitting work and test articles to me.
My initial goal was to hire several writers and have them all create a few pieces of pre-launch content each, however the quality of Jakes work stood out so well to me that I decided to give him a boatload of the work instead. Nearly all the other applicants went in the trash.
Communication, quality and content was amazing. Plus, he's an awesome dude.
I've worked with easily 70+ writers in the past and Jake is now officially in my highly protected shortlist of writers."

Pete Arnott - Founder, Breadcrumbs of Success May 22, 2015

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"Jake took us by surprise!   We were looking for a writer to contribute to our blog.  Among our  requirements, this individual had  to employ excellent writing, grammar, and punctuation skills. Sounds like a no-brainer for someone who claims to be a writer --  we discovered not-so. Further to these “basics”, the person needed to be  creative, open-minded, articulate, professional, and able to think outside-the-box.  We found Jake fit the bill excellently, so we hired him!

Jake was one of our top contributors in terms of quality content.  We enjoyed working with him because he’s a consummate professional, a quick learner, and his work raises the bar to the next level in terms of content quality.  If you need a seasoned, professional writer who delivers consistently, I strongly recommend Jake Mcspirit."

Ann Lott - Media Manager, HopeLines Church March 8, 2015

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"I really enjoyed working with Jake.  Most importantly he writes well.  His writing voice is clear, very engaging and poetic at times. I ran his writing by several of my staff and they all to a person felt like they were talking to a close friend while reading his prose.  Also he is just a cool guy--very inquisitive, helpful and delivers on what he says."

Cameron Johnson - Founder, Daily Nerve February 22, 2015