We’ve all struggled with discomfort at some point in our lives, right? Well, what if I told you that you could actually take control of it, to your advantage – sounds good, doesn’t it?

Discomfort, it’s a blessing and a curse – to me at least. When I feel discomfort, in any manner, I’m aware that there is something that I need to address, and in this sense – it is a great blessing to me. How am I going to know something isn’t right if I’m not feeling any differently towards it, you know?

Then again, discomfort – it’s well… uncomfortable. We’re not a fan of discomfort, as a collective in general. In fact, we’re increasingly developing things to make everything a little easier and more comfortable, to not deal with discomfort – aren’t we? So, we’re left with the issue – we need discomfort, but we don’t enjoy it … What can be done about this, exactly?How to Take Charge of Discomfort

The answer.

The answer is there in the title; we take charge of discomfort. We release ourselves from the grip it has over us, and start utilising it as the signpost it is. Instead of being run by the discomfort, and allowing it to sink into our very being, we simply acknowledge that it’s there – tackle the issue and then allow the discomfort to pass on by.

There’s no need to fixate on the discomfort. If you were to cut yourself, you wouldn’t sit there and analyse the pain continuously – would you? You’d acknowledge the pain is from the cut and you address the cut – which in turn addresses the pain; you don’t address the pain and hope the cut resolves itself.

Sadly though, that’s one of the major flaws this society has veered towards. Superficial healing. Healing on the surface, to make things seem better, rather than healing at the root – to make things genuinely better. This is partly why discomfort is such a huge thing to people these days. We value the surface far too much – when realistically it’s only meant to be a guiding force to what’s lying below.

A good example of this is the way we address the treatment of things like depression and anxiety disorders with medication. Whilst medication does, in some rights, have a purpose for such things – they are not a cure. These ‘disorders’ are simply a telling to us that something is going on, within ourselves, that needs addressing. Instead of resolving this, the medical system has a tendency to just hide the symptoms, the discomfort, instead. That’s an issue for another time though.

Putting it into practice.

So, back on topic, how do we take charge of discomfort? We realise its nature, as I said before. It’s really that simple; we start seeing things for what they are. When we begin to see that discomfort is just an aid for us to see that something needs a resolution – we can begin to find the resolution, and drop the focus we had on the discomfort. Now, obviously, that means the discomfort needs to be confronted, but that’s how life is sometimes.

We have to look discomfort in the eye, for what it is. We have to stand up to it and realise our power that we have over it, rather than the power it has over us. Breaking free of the fear of discomfort is really the start of it all. For once you realise your inner-power over such things, and actually begin using such discomfort as its meant to be used – you’re free. Free to grow.

You’re the answer.

Discomfort can only ever be perpetuated by you, and you alone – that’s worth remembering. Once something is resolved, the discomfort leaves with it. Okay, maybe, at times, the issue you resolved may piss you off – but that’s when you just re-evaluate how resolution was initially found. For it is only when we give power to something, that we can be affected by it. Much like healing a physical wound, even when it’s resolved – it can be sore to touch at times, it’s part of the healing process, but to re-awaken that soreness – we actually have to touch it first.

Now, I mention resolution a lot without giving specifics – I’m aware, but that’s simply because I cannot give specifics to a general issue. Discomfort is found in all walks of life, down all paths – there are no exceptions, discomfort is an inevitability of life. All that one needs to keep in mind is that discomfort is showing a way to an issue, it’s not the issue itself. The understanding of this will undoubtedly lead to the understanding of the cause of it.

Awareness is always the first step, and resolution is always the next step when full awareness is realised; so go ahead – face that discomfort and kick its ass. You’re stronger than you’ve led yourself to believe, and discomfort is a lot less powerful than it would like us to think. It’s about time we took our power back.

“Do you not see how necessary a world of pains and troubles is to school an intelligence and make it a soul?”  ― John Keats.

written by Jake Mcspirit.