Need a seasoned blogger with technical ability? - Jake Mcspirit

Need a seasoned blogger with technical ability? If you’re here then you’re probably considering hiring me, right? Perhaps you don’t know exactly what you need, though. That’s okay. I’ve written up what I offer and what exactly you can expect to receive, so you can make a more informed decision.

1. Freelance Blogging / Writing

source url Every great site needs content to match. That’s what I’m here for. I can write on a variety of different niches confidently, and I have superb research skills to go with it.

click Whether you need a post written every day, every week or every month — I’ll be there to provide you with it. To a great quality. Every single time. It’s your call.

1a. Blog Management As a writer with technical know-how, I can also do everything from setting up a blog to keeping it running smoothly. This is usually offered in tandem with content production, for those that are really busy. If you’re interesting in me helping you to get your blog up and running, please specify that in your query. I need to know this to be able to provide you with the appropriate feedback!

1b. Content Marketing (Strategy, if needed!) As is standard with any of my other writing, but especially the blog writing — I am willing to do what I can to get readers to your content. This includes optimising for SEO and tweeting it out there. I’m also willing to reach out to people that may be able to give the piece more exposure. This is only if the person I’m reaching out to has some connection to the piece. I am not going to spam random people.

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