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Hi, I’m Jake.

I’m a writer, in case you hadn’t already guessed that. From Worthing, England — an interesting little place.

I write about a lot of things, and I learn about a lot more things. To sum it up briefly, I love anything that’ll make me think. To be a little more specific, I’m interested in the following topics:

  • Business, how to be successful and what it takes.
  • Marketing, I love learning how to better convey messages.
  • Lifehacking, think Tim Ferriss but less extreme.
  • Technology, anything from computers to human exo-skeletons.
  • Spiritualism, the self-help and improved well-being kind.
  • Religion, because pretty much everything is religious by definition.
  • Psychology, and all things to do with human behaviour.
  • Philosophy, and anything else that’ll make me think.
  • Literature, any and all kinds.
  • Plus many, many more…

My most important interest though, well for you at least, is writing. Anything to do with making these bizarre symbols we call words into compelling content, that’s me all over.

As for my writing, that tends to be articulate, thorough and concise. I like getting to the heart of things, and I often see no need to sugar-coat it.

My work ethic is pretty similar in that respect. I’m timely, I’m dependable and I don’t mess around. If you need something written, tell me when you need it by and you’ll have it. To a high quality.

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